CTG Testing 第三方检测技术




1. 请填写正确证书编号
2. 本系统数据仅用于客户查询核对证书真伪、不作他用
3. 如有疑问,请联系相应业务员或者电话进行咨询
电话: + 86 755 2322 1967
E-mail: service@ctg-cert.com
官网: cccert@ctg-cert.com

If you have any questions in the process of using our certificate inquiry system, please feel free to tell us, we will give you a timely reply!
1. Please fill in the correct certificate number.
2. The system data is only used for customer query check certificate authenticity, not for other purposes.
3. In case of doubt, please contact the appropriate salesperson or telephone enquiry.
tel: + 8675523221967
e-mail: service@ctg-cert.com
website: www.ctg-cert.com
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